Meet Maddie LaDue

Nice to meet you! My name is Maddie LaDue and I am a stylist based in Los Angeles, California. I thrive in fast paced, e-commerce studio environments but I also love doing freelance, editorial, and personal styling on the side.

My passion for fashion and styling all started during my time at Oregon State University, where I became involved with a program called Benny’s Business Closet. Benny’s is an on campus consignment store, student founded and operated, that sells inexpensive business attire to students who need it for interviews or internships. What started as a class project soon turned into a full time job, as I took on the role of Creative Director; planning photo shoots, hiring models and photographers, and styling each outfit to create a cohesive marketing strategy for Benny’s. Working with second hand clothing taught me how to find the potential in pieces that others might not see at first and that it is incredibly fun to play around with clothing. 

I really fell in love with styling when I realized how happy the work I was doing with clothing made people feel. My job as a stylist is not only to see people for who they are, but for the potential person they could become. Finding clothing that really speaks to the person you are styling, that gets them out of their comfort zone while still enhancing their personality, made me want to make styling my career. I think many people may find fashion frivolous and silly, but I really do believe that with the right outfit you can bring out a confidence in people they never thought possible, and that confidence can change their lives.

​As I have grown in my career, I have really appreciated the creative outlet styling has given me. I have met so many incredible creatives that have encouraged me to follow crazy ideas, push boundaries, and come up with concepts that really pique people’s interest. I have had the chance to build incredible teams, shoot in beautiful locations, see my projects come to life, and even get published in a few magazines.

​If it seems like a fun time to work together, shoot me an email! I would love to hear from you :)



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